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Feza schools are one of the contribution schemes of Ishik Foundation in education for Tanzania. The schoolsare established to give different colors to the world of education by delivering several concepts which maximize all potential in all school lines and utilize them as educational and learning tools for students.

Education at the school level is a very complex area which is not always about the delivery of subject matter. However, in it, gathered all things that will not only be completed to be explored as students, practitioners and researchers, but also as leadership materials, pedagogy, psychology, communication and so forth.However, of all these complexities there is one thing that is inevitable; schools are built on three pillars of collaboration between students, parents and school’s management. When one of them is lost or does not play a maximum role, certainly will appear imbalance in the process and at the end result.




    International school, Preschool class, Nursery Class,Reception Class

  • Primary

    International school Grade 1 to Grade 6, Cambridge curriculum

  • Lower Secondary

    International school Cambridge currucilum grade 7 to grade 9


    International school camridge curriculum grade 10 to grade 11

  • AS & A Level

    Grade 12 to Grade 13



    From Three years to Six years

  • Primary

    Standard one up to standard seven

  • Secondary

    O-Level and A-Level

  • O-Level

    Form one up to Form four

  • A-Level

    Form five and Form six

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Better education

Feza offers both the NECTA and Cambridge syllabus that encompasses a good educational foundation, we are equipped with talented teachers who challenge the students to think outside the box and participate actively in their studies.

Parental care with home touch experience

We believe the school environment should be one that is nurturing and caring as children spend a significant amount of time surrounded by teachers and fellow students. Our teachers are well empowered and trained to provide care for the students.

Good morals and academic excellency

Feza schools see the importance of not only achieving academic excellence but also having students who are upright with good natured heart, by teaching and molding them in manners that are befitting of the nation.

Latest technology of teaching and learning facilities

With the ever-changing science and technology world, we strive to keep up with the latest technological advances that align with the needs of our students.

National and international exposure

Feza has built a network to allow further learning not only in the classrooms but granting the students exposure to various competitions within and outside of the country from Science & Mathematics Olympiad, Debates and Environmental conservation projects which are all vital for the growth of the students.

Conducive teaching and learning environment

A clean and calm environment fosters growth. Feza has strived to give the best conducive environment in the libraries, classrooms, and dorm rooms with ample space.

Diverse indoor and outdoor activities

Through various club activities the students are able to enjoy and challenge themselves in exploring different skills such as painting, music and writing be it poetry or novelist.

Well-equipped sports facilities and swimming pools

Sports is healthy, sports is employment. Knowing these facts, FEZA built a number of playing grounds like basketball, long tennis courts, swimming pool, football grounds with artificial turf and with natural grasses, and other indoors games to nurture students’ talents.







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