Admission Policy


FEZA serves the educational needs of the Tanzanian community as well as the educational needs of the International students who are committed to access to the better education in both locally and internationally curricula. We welcome boys and girls of all races, religions and cultures and we consider applications in the beginning of the academic year of Nursery, Primary, Ordinary and Advanced levels, and in some cases throughout the year based on space availability.

There are two intakes, one for Nursery, Primary and Ordinary Level (Form One) and the other for Advanced Level (Form Five).

  1. For Nursery, the joining age is 3 years and for a Grade One pupil should be a Nursery school graduate who have learnt all required skills of the lower level (Writing, Reading and Arithmetic).
  2. Students who will be joining form one should have the following qualifications
  • Should complete primary education and pass standard seven national examinations.
  • Should pass school entrance examination where he/ she will be tested in Science and Mathematics and score not less than 80%
  • Students, who pass written examination, will be called for oral interview since the exam given is a multiple choice format where there is a chance of guessing.
  • Student who pass oral interview will be given a school joining instructions and after making the first payment, will be enrolled.



Student who will be joining Advanced level should have the following qualifications:

  1. Should sit, as a school candidate, and pass the CSE Examination of the latest year and pass with division l
  2. For science combinations (PCM, PCB) should score a minimum of 6 points of the combination subjects (Lowest score per subject will be B).
  • For arts combination (EGM, HGE, HKL), an applicant with good potential can be accepted even if has score division II but should scoreB for the combination subjects.


  1. National examination results will be used as an entrance exam requirement for an applicant and only after passing school entrance exams (written and oral) will be allowed to join the school.
  2. Students with outstanding performance will be awarded with part or full scholarship. Best top ten students in National PSLE (std7) and form four exams are candidates to full scholarship.
  • Academic Achievement – Although FEZA offers a stimulating and challenging educational programs, we accommodate students with a range of academic abilities, provided they are able to adequately access and benefit from our curriculum. We make this determination primarily by reviewing applicants’ school records in Secondary School but also taking academic assessment tests in Science and Mathematics for FORM 1 intake.
  1. Staff children – On passing the school entrance exam, staff children will be given a 50% discount of the total school fee.
  2. Students studying with scholarship, fully or partially, will have to fill in a Scholarship Agreement Form.
  3. The enrolment committee lead by the Second master in charge of guidance under SMT and one native speaker, have a mandate to alter the above joining conditions due to circumstances with the approval from the concern head of school.
  • In case a student qualified for more than one discount offer, only the highest offer will be applicable.

Necessary conditions for discount holders


  1. To maintain good discipline throughout the time of study within the school and outside the school such as obeying and abiding with the school rules and regulations of Feza Schools as stated in the school constitution.


  1. To attend the school activities if necessary.


  1. To maintain high Academic Performance in all subjects with an average above 75% quarterly or any other criteria the school Administration will decide.


  1. If the discount holder omits to pay the rest of the school fee, he will be dispatched a warning letter. If he again defaults in the payment in the provided period, the discount will be automatically cancelled.


  1. Those who have lost their scholarships will be supplied another off­er on the condition that they get a score which the school administration requires.


  1. If the student decides to leave the school before his graduation, all the expense incurred is to be repaid.
  2. In case of any punishment by the Discipline Committee, the Administrative Board gives the final decision on how much reduction will be implemented on the scholarship.


  1. The type/s of the scholarship is indicated in the agreement whether it includes tuition fee, boarding fee, registration fee, transport fee, food fee, stationery and uniform fee. The tuition fee is the first priority always.