AS-A Level

AS-A Level Curriculum

AS Level stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level while A Level stands for Advanced Level. This stage is a two years course but internationally examined at every level, i.e AS and A levels. Students are allowed to choose at least three or four of the best subjects that they performed in during the IGCSE exams. At the end of grade 12 (AS) the candidates sit for AS exams set by CAIE. Depending on their grades, some of the students can be accepted by selected universities through out the world for Degree programs.

After AS level, the students are supposed to continue with the same subjects to A level and then finally sit for A level exams that are also externally assessed by CAIE then after a combined certificate that includes the AS and A level results is awarded to students. This certificate is recognised by all the universities in the world.


Our school currently offers AS/A Level courses in the following subjects grouped below.

Conditions for subject choices;

  • Students are expected to select 3 or 4 subjects from the groups below.
  • A student is not allowed to choose more than one subject from the same group.
  • If a subject is chosen by less than 7/8 students, it will not be offered.
  • You must score a minimum of grade ā€˜Cā€™ for your subject choices

Subject Selection

Physics Mathematics





English History Psychology Geography
Accounting Business Studies Economics Computer Science

The students are always free to ask for the guidance of the Deputy Principal, the Academic coordinator or the Counselor on the appropriate subject combination for their future careers.