Secondary Curriculum (IGCSE)

Year 10 to 11 (15 to 16 -years old)

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a two-years programme which is externally assessed by (CAIE) leading to an award of certificate that is internationally recognised by all universities and colleges around the world. This curriculum is often updated by Cambridge to meet the demands of this challenging world. Students usually sit for at least eight to nine subjects in one session at the end of grade 11. Any student who passes these exams qualifies to join the AS levels.

FIS currently offers IGCSE courses in the following subjects as listed right.

Students are not allowed to take less than 8 (Eight) subjects. This limitation is proposed in order to meet IGCSE requirement for grouping and award of Certificates. They should also do at least ONE SCIENCE subject.

Choice conditions;

  • Students must choose at least one science subject.
  • Minimum class size is 7 students – below this number the subject will not be offered.
  • Students will not be permitted to change their subject selection after 30th September.
  • English, Mathematics, Physical Education and PSHE are compulsory subjects. English and mathematics are examinable however P.E and PSHE are not.

Subject Selection

Computer science      OR      Accounting
Biology                       OR       Business studies
Physics                       OR       History
Chemistry                   OR       Economics
Geography                  OR       Sociology
French                         OR       Kiswahili       OR    Turkish.