Feza Schools have its goal to help every student fulfill his/her intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential. Everything in and about the school has been designed to create an orderly and distraction-free environment in which all students can learn effectively and pleasantly. To foster this kind of learning environment, Feza schools administrators and teachers do not allow bad behavior during school, on school property, or at or during any school-sponsored activities.


The principal and the teachers are available to work with the students to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Students with conflict problems should go to the duty teacher at once for help in resolving the immediate situation.

The following corrective measures will be used in cases where school rules are breached:

  • Forewarning: either verbal or written (counseling, reprimand, etc.)
  • Notification
  • Loss of privileges
  • Suspensions
  • Expulsion


You can refer school rules and regulation