Feza Library Policy

Feza Library Policy

  1. Mission Statement of the FEZA School

The mission of FEZA School is to provide a safe, positive learning environment for all students, which will empower them with confidence to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society.

  1. Mission Statement of the FEZA School Library Media Program

The mission of the FEZA School Library Media Program is to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information. The library media centre strives to provide the school community with a wide range of materials on appropriate levels of difficulty that will encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading and foster information literacy.

  1. Aims

The School Library aims to provide a wide range of good quality books and other learning resources in order to:

  • Support the curriculum needs of all pupils and teachers,
  • Foster a love of reading books for pleasure which will evolve into a habit for life
  • Develop a wide knowledge, tolerance and understanding of other traditions and cultures
  • Enable children to gain library, research and language skills for them to become independent learners
  • Create a suitable environment for special library lessons which build children’s confidence to express their own ideas. They will learn to check and extend their knowledge of vocabulary and develop receptive and productive language skills.


  1. Guidelines for Implementation 


The Librarian is responsible to the Principal/ Head of school for the overall running of the Library. The teaching and learning process within the Library will be monitored following the school professional development policy. Subject coordinators or HOD will be involved in purchasing of subject related books and materials. The Librarian is responsible for updating and renewing the Library books and resources.

FEZA Primary will select Student Librarians from years 5 and 6. They will be trained in various library skills which will include returning the reading scheme fiction and non-fiction books, re-shelving of returned books and how to aid pupils visiting the Library during break time, lunchtime or after school hours.



The Library supplies a wide range of resources. FEZA intends to increase the number of books that will be available for all subjects.

Resources will be kept up to date and in good condition by regular monitoring. The Librarian will advise on a regular basis for the renewal and updating of the Library stock. When appropriate, the Librarian may seek advice from the relevant Literacy or English coordinator in order to periodically buy quality resources from various sources (book exhibitions, catalogues).

The Librarian will make sure that each level has a selection of suitable books for the purposes of a class library.


Access and Use

The Library can usually be accessed by the student body and staff, between the hours of 8:30 to 5 p.m. The Library may be closed for a short while to allow the Librarian to have a lunch break.

Primary students are not allowed to visit the library during scheduled classes. Teachers should refer to the library schedule and avoid sending students during these class times.

The timetable for Primary library lessons is displayed on the door along with the opening times.

Pupils are never left unattended in the Library.

Secondary school students may visit the library during class hours if they are free and also after 15.30 p.m. Checkouts are for two weeks and are limited to two books per student unless special requests are made. With teacher permission, students may use the library for study, make-up tests or small-group researches.


Over dues and Fines

Overdue slips and fine notices will be printed out and distributed to students at school.

To help students learn to be responsible, no new borrowing will be permitted until overdue materials are returned.


Lost and Damaged Books

If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for before additional books can be checked out. Payment for a lost book is reimbursed should the book be found and returned in good condition. Debts remaining at the end of the school year may be turned in to the office and become a part of the student’s permanent file. Any items checked out at the time a student withdraws from school must be returned and paid for upon withdrawal.

When pupils come into the Library for the first time The Golden Rules of the Library are elicited and discussed.


  1. The Golden Rules of the Library are:
  • Always keep the Library clean and tidy
  • Respect the books and people who are in the Library
  • Show your best behavior and do not make unnecessary noise
  • Ask permission to use the Library and its resources
  • Respect the Library timetable and the due dates
  • Participate in the library activities to the best of your ability.


Failure to comply will result in the following consequences.




  • Verbal warning from a responsible second master.
  • If a student continues misbehaving, the student will be asked to return to class and the teacher will be notified. Students may first be separated from other classmates when visiting with a group.
  • If misbehavior is severe, the student will be asked to return immediately to class or be sent to the discipline master’s office.


All teachers are responsible for ensuring that the Library is left tidy after whole class use or if small groups have been sent to work there with another adult.