We are committed on providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students and believe that modern technology in the form of mobile devices, when used appropriately, can enhance student’s learning within the school. We are also clear that when mobile devices are used inappropriately, they distract from the core school business of learning, and at worst can be used as a tool for bullying.

In order to strengthen our Child Protection practices and to reduce risk for all of our community, FEZA schools implement the following policy with regard to Mobile Devices.



  • Laptops, Netbooks and tablets are allowed on days specified by the class teacher.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into school by a student.
  • If a student needs to call home, she/he will ask for a permission from their class teacher for them to attend the reception desk (secretary) to make the call.
  • E-readers are not allowed in school, unless directly requested by the subject teacher due to a class text being discussed. This is because we have plenty of physical books as well as the well-equipped computer lab and want to minimize possible loss or damage of valuable mobile devices.
  • A student found with a mobile device at a time not strictly requested by the teacher (apart from the immediate arrival or departure to/from school) will have their device
  • Electronic devices are considered a valuable aid to learning and will be permitted to be used in class only with the express permission of the teacher.

Unacceptable use

The school will consider any of the following to be unacceptable use of the mobile device and a serious breach of the school’s discipline policy resulting in sanctions being taken.

  • Photographing, filming or recording in lessons without permission.
  • Photographing or filming staff or other students without their knowledge or permission.
  • Photographing or filming in toilets, changing rooms and similar areas.
  • Bullying, harassing or intimidating staff or students by the use of text, email or multimedia messaging, sending inappropriate messages or posts to social networking or blogging sites.
  • Refusing to hand over the device at the request of a member of staff.
  • Using the device outside school hours to intimidate or upset staff and/or students will be considered a breach of these guidelines in the same way as unacceptable use which takes place in school time.


Withholding procedure

  • When a mobile device is withheld by a member of staff it will be handed to the designated member of the discipline committee.
  • The device will only be returned to the student’s parent or legal guardian after the policy breach has been discussed.
  • Repeated offences may result in the student facing a permanent withdrawal from the school.


I ________________________ (Pupil’s name) have listened to my teacher, discuss the rules of using mobile devices in school, discussed them with my parents and agree to follow the rules at all times.


The main rules being:

  • I will only use my device for school purposes, e.g. researching information, recording my stories orally or on video.
  • I will not use my device to play games during school time, nor will I discuss the games in the lesson time.
  • I know I cannot bring in mobile phones.


I ____________________                             (Parent’s name and signature) have read and agree with the school’s mobile policy and will comply with them.


I _____________________ (Class teacher’s signature) have discussed the rules of using mobile devices with the class and will do so on a regular basis in order to ensure all children are using them safely.


I will provide suggested, safe and checked websites for the children to use when researching, and to aid further safe research skills by discussing key words and proactively checking the children when they are using the Internet.


Date all agreed for academic year …………: ______/________/___________