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We have nursery schools that prepare a child to achieve higher level of learning through the formal education.We have three levels of pre-school education which are KG1, KG2 and KG3. Our pre-schools are the favorable place for your child to develop skills of sharing and collaboration, responsibility and social interaction which provide a strong and loving foundation in preparation for primary education.

  • Feza Nursery School, Dar es salaam
  • Feza Nursery School, Zanzibar
  • Feza Nursery School, Dodoma

Primary Schools

We also have Primary schools that follow NECTA curriculum that prepares pupils to sit for standard seven national exams organized by national Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA).Technology based education with well-equipped modern science and computer facilities are available to facilitate teaching and learning process.

  • Feza Primary school, Dar es salaam
  • Feza Primary school, Zanzibar
  • Feza Primary school, Dodoma.

Secondary Schools

Our secondary schools offers a quality education through the hard work and unity among administrators, teachers, parents, students and other stake holders.More over in order to realize students’ potential, all students are enrolled in one of the student led clubs, such as music, subjects clubs, anti-corruption, Helping-Hands and media according to their interest and preferences.

  • Feza Boys Secondary school, Dar es salaam
  • Feza Girls Secondary school, Dar es salaam
  • Feza Secondary  school, Zanzibar

High Schools

We prepare our students for university in our high schools by giving extra lessons, study periods and intensive revision programs. But also we have counseling unit that guide students in their career development through tests, seminars as well asindividuals and group interview.

Our graduates have attained placements in further educational institutions both in Tanzania and around the world. The schools have also created Feza Alumni Foundation, dedicated in keeping our graduates together, guiding and counseling them even after their graduation from school. This allows the Feza family to grow stronger.

  • Feza Boys High school, Dar es salaam
  • Feza Girls High school, Dar es salaam
  • Feza High  school, Zanzibar

International Schools

Due to the diversified Education system we have International schools which recruit students from different parts of the world.We are accredited to provide Cambridge International Examinations and follow the Cambridge International Education (CIE) curriculum.

We recruit dynamic, dedicated and experienced teachers from all around the world to mould, coach and mentor our students in all aspects of life. They support and facilitate children to ensure their development of an independent work ethic, leadership capabilities and a deep desire of life-long learning.


  • Feza International school, Dar es Salaam

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P.O. Box 77965 Dar es salaam