Social Responsibilty

   1.Water wells construction:

In collaboration with Time to Help Tanzania, we have constructed a number of water wells across the country. They have been constructed in public schools, orphanage centers, villages and religious buildings both in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

   2.Classrooms donation to neighbor school:

Three magnificent classrooms were constructed at Kawe B Primary school. The classrooms will accommodate about 120 pupils. But also Feza has built classrooms for Kawe Ukwamani  Secondary School.More over Feza schoolhave built Teachers lavatories for Kondo Secondary school.

  3.Book drive project by Feza Alumni:

Book drive project is a project fully organized by Feza Alumni foundation.

Our graduated students, who are members of Feza Alumni, have been organizing a number of activities like food bazaar fund raising where the funds raised have been directed to the needy one like sick people in hospitals and some requirements to the orphanage centers.

Book drive project aims to collect books left by graduates, and are in good condition, and donate them to the public schools students. The books have been used as reference books as well as text books. So far schools like KaweUkwamani secondary school, Mtakuja Beach secondary school and Kibasila High school have benefited from this project.

   4.Scholarship benefits to neighboring schools:

Feza schools have a policy of giving up to 15% students who are schooling in our schools, fully or partially funded scholarship. Due to limited number of students enrolled in our schools, each Feza school is supporting ten to twenty students from primary or secondary public schools by providing them with 250,000 shillings to use it for buying school uniforms, stationaries and pocket money. The list of the students is suggested by school committee or school board and the money is later deposited to their bank accounts.