Welcome to Feza


Feza schools are one of the contribution schemes of Ishik Foundation in education for Tanzania. The schoolsare established to give different colors to the world of education by delivering several concepts which maximize all potential in all school lines and utilize them as educational and learning tools for students.

Education at the school level is a very complex area which is not always about the delivery of subject matter. However, in it, gathered all things that will not only be completed to be explored as students, practitioners and researchers, but also as leadership materials, pedagogy, psychology, communication and so forth. However, of all these complexities there is one thing that is inevitable; schools are built on three pillars of collaboration between students, parents and school’s management. When one of them is lost or does not play a maximum role, certainly will appear imbalance in the process and at the end result.

We all certainly have different views and criteria about what a success is, including the success of our children. The views are the result of reasonable heterogeneous background Feza schools have. It is hoped that in the process of interaction with all the big families of Feza schools, both students and parents can update their views and success criteria more. So with the views and success criteria that they will achieve later, the success will be for students, their families and also for the better life of all mankind as a whole. Because consciously or not, education can be considered as the only solution to all problems in the society.

Once again welcome and thank you for joining the big family of Feza schools.

Ibrahim Yunus Rashid
Managing Director