Working at Feza


We are seeking qualified and experienced teachers to fit positions in all our Campuses(Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary).

Requirements of a potential candidate

  • University degree in Education or relating to education with  the subject that  you will be teaching
  • At least five years’ experience in teaching
  • Willingness to further own career by participating in workshops provided by the School
  • Flexibility when it comes a schedule which could change and require your availability

A candidate we would consider employing should be:

  • A creative, easy-going and open minded individual
  • Flexible and able to adapt and thrive in a different culture
  • Someone who enjoys new challenges.
  • A team player who enjoys sharing and collaborating with colleagues
  • Energetic, hard-working and responsible when it comes to the education and general care of our students


Applicants should send the following to info@fezaschools.org

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of university degrees and qualifications
  • Teaching certificate
  • Criminal Record check from home country
  • Criminal Record check from the last country worked in if the period was for more than six months
  • A recent photograph
  • A photocopy of passport photo page
  • Three references (including a candidate’s two most recent employers). Referees should be at supervisor position or above and both names of referees should be sent along with their emails and phone numbers


  • A one or two year contract
  • Paid public holidays
  • One month paid annual holiday
  • Professional Development opportunities with the potential for courses and certificates
  • Health insurance
  • Advice on visa application and visa cost covered
  • Cost of work permit covered
  • Hot lunch on each School working day
  • Tuition fee discount for children of employees


Admission process is as follows;

  1. Entrance exam
  • Exam will be done on the date and time indicated on the form.
  • A questionnaire should be filled as well.
  • The results will be out within five working days
  • The pass mark is determined by the admission office and may not be disclosed to parents.
  • The school reserves the right of not disclosing marks achieved by a particular student.
  1. Interview
    The interview is conducted for the following purposes:
  • Determine the real ability of a student
  • English level
  • Behavior/moral values
  • Age/appearance
  • Health condition

At the end of interview admission office should decide and inform parents in written.

  1. Admission
  • Respective Second Master will provide a written payment structure for the parent with his signature and stamp.
  • After payment, parent should get the joining instruction from the admission office and complete registration procedures.